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The front sway bar serves one main function: it prevents body roll by keeping the wheels close to the body during hard corning. Because of this, the Mustang has a tendency to not oversteer and be fun to drive.

In a very stiff setup, at high cornering speeds the inside tire may lift off of the ground. On the other extreme, without a front sway bar, you will get some body roll into hard cornering, but you will save weight and receive better weight transfer without a front sway bar. For drag strip applications, no sway bars are ideal, and handling can be regained through adjustable shocks/struts.

Expected Price:

Expected Time:
Less than one hour

Expected Materials/Tools needed:
Jack stands (2)
15mm Deep Socket
16mm Wrench
Crescent wrench
Sway Bar Removal Procedure

First, you will need to jack the front of car up and place it on jackstands. Now, with a front sway bar, you will see something like this:

To remove the sway bar, you need to unbolt the bar itself from the end link bushings on each side, then unbolt the support bracket from the sub frame. For the driver’s side, you will need to use the 15mm deep socket on top of the end link and place the crescent wrench into the groves between the bushings.

After removing the nut on the top of the end link, remove the nut on the bottom using the same strategy as the top. Now, if you are just removing the sway bar and not putting another one on, you can discard of the bushings, but if you plan on reusing them, inspect them for wear and note the order you removed them from the end link.

Repeat the same procedure for the end link on the passenger side.

After you have removed the nuts on the end links, you will see 2 nuts holding on the support brackets.

This part of the removal is time consuming because a socket will not fit into the bracket, so a 16mm wrench is needed to slowly turn the nuts loose. After you completely remove one side, be careful not to let the bar fall on you as you unbolt the other side. After you have all of the nuts removed, the bar will fall free from the bolts holding it in place, and you can just slide it out of the way.

Without a front sway bar, you will see this:

Now you can let the car back down to the ground and take it for a test drive. Your Mustang will have noticeable body roll into corners now, but the weight removed from the very front of the car will speak out at the track, giving you better weight transfer and a little shaved off of your e.t.