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Welcome to my Video section. Below are different video's throughout the years of racing, dynos, and messing around.

Racing videos @ Lebanon Valley

Me vs 03 cobra
July 21st - Me vs 5.0 - First time with cams and slicks

Me vs Integra.....Pretty funny

Me vs a 396 Chevelle

Me vs Adrian
Me vs Chris' 98 Cobra. I think he might have missed a gear here
Me vs a turbo charged, chipped, Ford diesel truck. This thing is actually real quick for a big heavy truck
Dyno / Shop / Other Videos  

This is from the day I installed nitrous, sometime around April 2004

My car on the dyno at Mustang Magic
(Pre supercharger)
Latest tune with Treadstone intercooler
This video is from a couple years back (2002). My friend is recording as my buddy's dad pulls out my car after our long tube header install. The long tube headers are the only thing on the exhaust.
This is a clip of my car idling. The purpose of this is to hear the Cams
Misc. Videos

Idle'ing. This was filmed on my HTC 8525 phone.