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   Zaino Brothers wax in my eyes, and anybody who uses it, is the best, longest lasting wax. It's not like regular wax, it comes with an applicant that you apply side to side, rather then in circular motions. It leaves your car shinny and protected for many many months.


   I got my brakes, rear-end and axles from BuyFordRacing.com. Fast shipping, decent warranty, great prices, and of course it's Ford.


   I bought a decent amount of stuff from them. Their prices are great, they have very good products, and shipping is FREE and fast. If you have a Mustang, you definitely need to visit their web site.


   Steeda is known for their quality, long lasting Mustang products. I have many Steeda parts on my car, and would recommend them to anybody looking for looks or performance.


   Between installing a set of custom grind Comp Cams, springs, from Modular Power House, along with a C&L tru-flow, I picked up 30 RWHP.


   Summit Racing may be the most popular performance parts store out there. I've gotten a lot of my parts from them, and will continue to use them.



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