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The stock gas pedal on my '00 Mustang was about 1" lower than the brake pedal, making it almost impossible to heel & toe on a downshift.   I did the Mustangworld pedal raising fix but there still remained about 3/8" difference in height between the pedals. Grrrr.

Ford raised the gas pedal on the "Bullitt" Mustang, so I purchased a Bullitt pedal set.   It raises the stock pedal about 1/2" - not enough.   But if you then add the Mustangworld fix, it comes out just right.   I now have accelerator and brake pedals at exactly the same height.


  1. The dead pedal plugs into a plate attached to the left kick panel.   Just pry off the old pedal and plug in the new one.
  2. Remove the two 13mm nuts than hold on the stock gas pedal.   Slip the plastic grommet out of the top of the pedal assembly to free the cable.

  3. Install the Bullitt pedal assembly, reinstall the cable & grommet, reinstall the Mustangworld spacer if you had one.
  4. Before installing the clutch & brake pedal pads, smear the backs with liquid soap.   It's just about impossible to get them on if you don't use some kind of lubricant.

Ford stock numbers (Ford dealer parts department)
  • 1R3Z-9725-AA (SHAFT ASY ACCE) - accelerator pedal assembly
  • 1R3Z-2457-AA (PAD-BRAKE PEDA) - brake & clutch pads
  • 1R3Z-6312024-AA (FT/RST AST-DRV) - foot rest
Ford Racing parts numbers (aftermarket vendors)
  • FMS-M-2301-A - gas pedal cover
  • FMS-M-2301-B - brake or clutch pedal cover
  • FMS-M-2301-C - left foot dead pedal cover

UPDATE: 8/12/02 -- After driving with these pedals for some time,   I find that it is still very difficult to heel & toe.   The accelerator and brake pedals are now the right height,   but they are too far apart.   If I was going to do this over again,   I'd probably opt for one of the pedal cover kits that adds an extension on the left side of the accelerator pedal.   The Pro3i kit pictured below is typical, and costs about $50.

found @ http://www.miracerros.com/mustang